Saturday, September 10, 2011


The celebration of my mother's birthday took place yesterday at our house. It's her 40th birthday, mind you! And just yesterday, my So!Fab shoes arrived. Imagine how happy I was during that day. I decided to wear the leopard-print pumps right away because it's uber ravishing
 dark brown bangle from WAGW //
 RANDOM  brown and red bangles //
 RANDOM scorpion ring //
 shield ring from AnaGon //
 leopard pumps from SO!FAB //
VINTAGE leopard top //
 dress used as midi skirt from WAGW //

I call this look my "impromptu leopard take". This ensemble made me realize that I only have few red apparel. BUMMER! I found this dress hanging in my closet and I thought this might work as a skirt. I think they work, don't you think? Just don't get distracted with the whole sleeve part. Just imagine that those are drapes! HAHA!

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