Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My style is more on the edgy-rock side. But I'm not closing my doors to other styles. Experimenting and trying new things is as fun as meeting new people. I attended a debut two weeks ago and I decided to wear something bohemian. Hence, the title.
I really suck at posing! ><

| WAGW - dress | WAGW - fringe vest |
| from left: RANDOM - light brown bangle | WAGW - big dark brown bangle |
| from right: SM accessories | WAGW - multicolored bangle |
| GOLD DOT - Abella Wedge |
Sorry for the pic-spam! I'm starting to pig out, don't you think? T.T Anyway, hope you somehow feel the bohemian ambiance. Until the next post! WIMS.

P.S : Click to see the birthday celebrants pictures here.

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