Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I, together with my best friends joined the Cadbury Contest. The mechanics are very simple: First, you have to like the fan page of Cadbury in Facebook, you must have the Cadbury chocolate bar in 70g at least 2 bars I think. Then you take a picture with your 3 other friends together with the Cadbury bar. Submit it to  the said email. And if you win, you're off to Boracay. We just joined for the heck of it! Who can't take the chance to go to Bora for all-paid expense trip right? :) Here are some of the photos (which I personally like):

Our friend, Kate, the one with the super-long-brown hair, replaced our best friend, Merari, because she was so busy with her co-curricular. We had fun, nevertheless.
HAHA! This one is so LOL. I didn't know they were looking at me like that. It's sort of a candid shot by the way.
Goofing around :)

Will blog about the outfit I wore here soon. That's all for now. Until the next post! WIMS.

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