Thursday, January 5, 2012


top borrowed from boyf from Folded&Hung
shorts from Terranova
sequin jacket from WAGW
sunglasses from Forever 21
tights from SM Department Store
boots from Primadonna

Hit the lights, let the music move you, lose yourself tonight. Come alive, let the moment take you, lose control tonight. Hit the lights! -- Selena Gomez

I wore this to the mall to do some errands. (And it took me a lot of courage to wear that and to think I only commuted. PHEW!) As usual, I received a lot of weird stares (the good and the bad one but at least I didn't care. It just give me some tingle though). I'm already used to it since I get tons whenever I dress-up. Who wouldn't? :) It's fa-fa-fa-fashion! Have an awesome day ahead!

P.S. It's my first outfit post in twenty twelve and I am channeling my inner grungy/edgy style. Hooray for that!

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